Hello and welcome to Compassionate British Fashion. We are Lalla Wandavi, a voice for the voiceless.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy is kindness, kindness to ourselves, animals and the planet. We bring compassion into the world of fashion.

We are committed to changing the fashion industry where the connection with the welfare of our home, our planet, has been lost.

Each day we make a conscious choice to create physical and mental wellness, peace of mind, integrity and beauty. We are mindful of what we eat, drink, what we wear, how we live our lives and what impact each choice we make has on this world.

We promote and encourage animal welfare within the fashion knitwear industry.

Our fibres

We are breaking with tradition of reliance upon animal fibres by creating beautiful jumpers using a range of natural vegan fibres that are plant-derived. Our beautiful garments are made with linen, bamboo and organic cotton

Organic cotton

  • Soft and breathable
  • GOTS certified organic
  • Spun in Italy


  • The most ancient fibre in the world
  • Timeless and elegant
  • Every part of the plant is used resulting in minimal waste
  • Feels cool and fresh
  • Spun in Italy


  • Eco-friendly and sustainable
  • Lightweight and naturally soft
  • Has similar drape to silk and cashmere
  • Hand-painted in Canada using low-impact dyes
  • Each bamboo jumper is unique

Our garments

Our jumpers are high quality, long-lasting garments infused with subtlety and sophistication. They are well-designed and easy to wear for any occasion.

Crafted with natural plant fibres our vegan jumpers are designed to adapt to your body and become the extension of your skin.

Our designs are elegant, eye-catching, current yet timeless.

Made in England

Our garments are exclusively crafted in the Midlands, England. We commit to supporting the local economy and not contributing towards modern-day slavery.

Low impact

Our knitwear is fully fashioned meaning no yarn is wasted during the production.

As for packaging, at the moment we are using plastic mailing bags. We look forward to a plastic free future but in the meantime please bear with us as we are still exhausting the resources that we do currently have.

Gender free

The majority of our pieces are unisex. We strive to create fashion that can be worn by anyone, removing expectation that people need to be a certain way. We are about exploring who we truly are and what it means to be us.

Nature inspired

Our designs come from nature. Wonders of woodland and natural landscapes are our inspiration: the iridescent colour of a starling’s wing, the fine detailing of a dragonfly, the intricate pattern of gnarled tree bark, delicate lichen and mosses growing on woodland boulders. Natural inspirations are translated into jacquards and basket weave designs. The techniques and colours used in our garments are reflections and interpretations of textures and patterns we see in nature.

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