The Black Collection

A Pause for Reflection

Life has always been uncertain and the times we are living in right now bring home how huge humankind's footprint is on the world. We shed helpless tears over the black smoke of the bushfires in Australia. We are heartbroken by conflicts, by the black cloud of climate change, by plastic pollution and by the on-going deforestation of the Amazon rainforest. The global impact of the Covid-19 virus only highlights further how delicate humanity is.

We all need time to stop and pause. To reflect upon ourselves and our lives. We need an opportunity to look at the world around us, to think what our role is and maybe what we can do to make real positive changes.

The Black Collection is a minimalist reflection of the fragility and darker side of our modern world. It symbolises a time of mourning, reflecting the challenging times we live in but also the possibility of new beginnings and a new way forward. Black garments, which appear plain from a distance, but with a pause for reflection and when viewed clearly, come to life with patterns inspired by the markings on birds' wings, flutterings of opportunity and potential hidden within the darkness.

We at Lalla Wandavi are proud to be a fully vegan company, our yarns are plastic-free and all our garments are manufactured right here in the UK. We may be small, but our stand is big. Our planet is in pain. Our voices will be heard. Let's make a difference together!

For the Black Collection we are partnering up with the RSPB, the current charity of choice for our cause. We feel their essential conservation work and incredible species recovery projects are a key part of the solution. We will be donating 5% of sales to them to support their incredible work.

Enjoy wearing our knitted garments and being heard in our noisy world, one yarn at a time!