The Nottingham Linen

The Nottingham Linen Collection


Linen is the elegant yarn of summer time. Fresh and light, it lets the skin breathe throughout the heat of the day and keeps it comfortable in the fresh evening breeze. We are dedicating this mini-collection to the beautiful city of Nottingham where we are based. 

Our linen yarn comes from an old textiles company that has been operating in the North of Italy since the beginning of the twentieth century. Because of the craftsmanship developed in the textiles industry, the yarn is spun to meticulous quality into a very fine gauge thread that is light and still retains a certain crisp to it. This high quality yarn gives the jumpers a luxurious feel and look. When worn, the jumpers drape organically and naturally follow the contours of the body.

Both jumpers are very versatile. We personally like to wear them with trousers and a denim colour cotton shirt underneath. The V-neck jumper in particular creates a beautiful context for an extra layer underneath so that the collar can be highlighted by the jumper’s front opening. Both jumpers can be also worn in the autumn months under a blazer to give 3D depth to your ensemble.