The Woodland Wonder

Imagine walking through an ancient woodland. Thick-barked, gentle forest giants are home to the most amazing birds and wildlife. Rays of light filtering through gnarled branches and dappling the floor of a hidden world far away from the city.

Our Woodland Wonder collection is a vegan knitwear celebration of these magical places. It is inspired by the strength of the deep-rooted oak tree, the dashing power of the sparrowhawk as it marauds through the trees and the gentle call of the subtle yet striking wood warbler. Nature could never be any more fulfilling.

For the Woodland Wonder collection we have used a new blend of plant-based yarn that is soft to the touch and perfect for sensitive skin. Every single hank of yarn used to knit these garments has been hand-dyed, using low impact dyes, making every single piece completely unique. Our garments have been ethically knitted using a fully-fashioned method, causing no waste of yarn and so minimizing our environmental impact.

Designed to retain warmth they will become an essential part of your winter ensemble, perfect for all occasions. Why not style them with tailored trousers and a Lalla Wandavi scarf, layered under a blazer for an effortless, elegant look? Or with jeans and trainers for those more casual moments?

This collection maintains the Lalla Wandavi values of creating beautiful, nature-inspired, unisex knitwear, which anyone can feel comfortable and at home in. Importantly we have taken a stand against the use of animals in fashion and for this reason we don’t use any animal-derived fibres in our garments.

By choosing Lalla Wandavi, you are supporting a young vegan business, putting resources back into the British economy and contributing towards the preservation of birds and wildlife as we are donating 5% of all garment sales to the RSPB.

Enjoy wearing our ethically knitted garments whilst walking across this beautiful planet of ours!

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